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My apologies for this blog slightly decaying over the past couple of weeks, been pretty hectic but hopefully ill have a bit more time for blogging now.

I think this post will just be a general update of what I have been enjoying recently and some new music that I have been getting into. To start us off I have seriously begun to dig the band Causa Sui, who play these epic desert rock jams which build up from nothing to soundscapes of incredible riff-age. Kind of in the same vein as Earthless but alot more chilled out and mellow, the kind of music made for being obliterated by the sun on holiday (or in summer if you do not live in the UK). Their most recent output (Pewt’r Sessions 2) has stood out to me, while keeping to the same ideas as their earlier albums (The Summer Sessions) they keep on evolving, now incorporating more wind instruments such as saxophones which I deemed to be a worthwhile investment.

The Next thing that I have been turned on to is the band Les Rallizes Denudes who are really quite different to what I have been listening to recently, the album I have been playing is ’77 Live which I put into the same sort of category as some of Keiji Haino’s work: wierd noise rock where most of the songs seem to have the same bassline played throughout each song, which is good because each one is completely awesome.

After an age of procrastinating I finally got round to listening to the Lou Reed & Metallica collaboration – Lulu. Probably one of the most talked about records in the last decade, made so by the simple fact that Lou Reed fans will check it out and so will  Metallica fans. The mass uproar when the song The View was released got me interested just by the extreme levels of hatred aimed at the album which had not even been released at this point, and when I listened to it myself I honestly couldn’t see anything to distinctly hate about it, the only thing which bothered me on the first listen was the internet meme claimed “I am The Table”, but then again (no matter how ridiculous it sounds) it does fit, the whole idea of the story behind the album based on Frank Wedekinds’ series of plays.  When listening to the album itself I thought to myself: “How can people really hate this album”. I accept it may not be the most accessible album ever to be released, but those who instantly exile it as bollocks seem to me to be pretty narrow minded stereotypical Metallica fans. I myself have never really been a fan of theirs, even getting into metal as a kid (my route was Pantera), but this album thoroughly interested me as there is simply nothing else (that I have ever heard) similar to it. I do not really want to go too in depth with this quasi-review but I believe that Lulu will definitely be remembered for years to come, whether in a bad way or good, as it got the entire music scene so aggravated. Please dont hate me for my opinions 🙂

On a slight off topic note, I watched the film Drive which came out in 2011 and I found it one of the best / coolest films I have seen for a long time. If you have not seen it then I highly recommend you check it out, if not simply for the incredible soundtrack of 80s style synth-pop measured alongside picturesque scenes. The music reminded me of how much I enjoyed the last  John Maus album We Must Become the Pitiless Censors of Ourselves“, its feel of loneliness kind of struck the same note as the Drive Soundtrack as the film itself deals with the serenity a man (Ryan Gosling) with some kind of illness (potentially something similar to aspergers) finds in his skill of driving.

Stay Swimming.