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Oren Ambarchi - Audience Of One (2012)

A brand new track by experimental musician Oren Ambarchi has surfaced on the internet from his imminent album “Audience Of One. Entitles “Fractured Mirror“, this song is in fact a cover of an Ace Frehley song, it immediately comes across as really accessible compared to his older material and is quite melancholic in its approach to a guitar based song, having a main riff which is fluctuated here and there but the atmosphere within the song progresses as the track continues: extremely subtle ambient sounds, comprised mainly of wine glasses, increase towards the second half of the 8 minute track, which builds up a serene contrast to the reasonably defined guitar-work. The electronic beat is quite soft and calming, which adds a nice background for the guitar, and causes the listener to listen hard to the slight changes happening in the track: in this way I feel myself moving closer and closer to my speakers to pick up every little detail that is expressed. “Fractured Mirror” is a really enjoyable track, which builds excitement (for me at least) for the upcoming album, which is to be released on the 30th of January.

Stay Swimming.