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An album which I have had on repeat for the last couple of days is the debut by “indie-pop” band Palette Town, which came out in the last several days of 2011, and I wish I had found it alot earlier; Comprised of 4 tracks and a remix, this EP has so much variation and innovation that it simply does not get boring or overplayed. As a whole the EP has a very summery feeling, and even though I have been listening to it during winter it still maintains its happy and relaxed vibe: the guitars very reminiscent of Jack Johnson in places, due to the aesthetically pleasing chords and progressions, but with little extra runs sprinkled among the various chords in each song. The rhythm section throughout is reasonably up-beat and with some almost punk-rock influences here and there, but overall they do not perturb from the calm feeling of the release. The vocals just build upon the foundations of the music and are a real breath of fresh air, as they alternate between male and female voices (most noticeable on “Fast Forward‘”), the latter being something different to what I normally hear and the female vocalist holds onto the personality within the tone her voice, and the really catchy choruses grab the listener in every song on this EP. One of the coolest things on this debut is the remix track at the end, which normally would really frustrate me and make me feel like the band just ran out of material, but here it is utilized as a completely new chip-tune track which completely brings the fun.