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Yesterday, Enemies List Home Recordings put up a fresh Have a Nice Life demo on soundcloud, entitled “Cropsey”. It was only online for approximately 30 minutes, so you had to be pretty available to hear it, but luckily for those who weren’t around at the time to hear it, someone has snagged it and uploaded it to youtube. The song itself is a great progression for HANL, as it seems to moved towards the direction of Giles Corey, with a eerie sample at the beginning and the atmosphere on the whole is simply incredible. Even though this is only a demo, the chance for a follow up to “Deathconsciousness” is imminent, and personally I am really excited to here more from them, as “Deathconsciousness” is one of my personal favorite albums of all time. So check out the link below, escpecilly if you have never come across any of Dan Barrett’s projects before:

Stay Swimming.